Combined coal stocks held by China's six key power generators up 5.5% on week
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Combined coal stocks held by China's six key coal-fired power generators in southern and eastern China totaled 14.03 million mt on March 15, up 5.5% from 13.30 million mt on March 8, according to figures released by port operator Qinhuangdao Port on Thursday. 

The six key power generators are: Zhejiang Power, Shanghai Power, Guodian, Datang, Huaneng and Guangdong Power, also known as Yudean. 

Based on the current coal consumption rate, the stocks are able to cover 20.52 days of consumption at the six power plants, down from 20.75 days on March 8, figures showed. 

Average coal consumption at the six power generators stood at 661,000 mt/day on March 15, up 3.1% from 641,000 mt/day on March 8, figures from the port operator showed. 

The rise in the consumption rate has resulted in a small drop in the number of coverage days. However, the stocks have yet to drop at the power plants. 
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